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Team Member Since Day 1

When it comes to those who have made the biggest impact on the Tucker’s team since the very first days, few have done quite as much to bring us where we are today as Meghann. We first met Meghann way back in our early days, back when Tucker’s still had just a single location in Hooksett. Meghann came in as a college student from Saint Anselm looking for a part time job as a busser. Inspired by great atmosphere and friendly attitude she found at our fledgling operation, Meghann jumped on board - and she’s been key in helping us navigate into the future ever since.

During her time working to help Tucker’s build those early relationships with customers, Meghann also completed her studies in Business Administration. She eventually left to fulfil a job in purchasing, but in time the pull of Tucker’s must have been too much to resist. Meghann came back to the team October and has since been crushing it in a more management-centered role, helping us grow into the three locations we inhabit today!

We sat down with Meghann to find out a bit about her time here at Tucker’s and to get a feel for her opinions on being an important part of the Tucker’s team.

How Do You Define Success?

Being happy doing what you’re doing, and being satisfied with your work not only at the end of the day but during the day as well.

What Does True Leadership Mean To You?

Leading by example, and getting down to work regardless of your position. It’s so inspiring to see a manager bussing tables during a busy shift, and really makes the whole team feel unified.

What Is Your Proudest Moment at Tucker’s?

Coming back to work at the new Concord location and seeing the Tucker’s attitude carry over to a third amazing space.

What Would Be The Theme Song For a Tucker’s Movie?

Better Together by Jack Johnson

What’s Your Favorite Menu Item?

Kevin’s Classic

If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone, Who Would It Be?

Everyone I care about, gathered together for a hearty meal!

If You Were Granted 3 Wishes, What Would You Wish For?

I’d wish, first off, for warmer weather in New England. Then, for people everywhere to just be kinder to each other, and finally for everyone to be happy in whatever they choose to do.