A commitment to our customers and communities.


In 2019, we're making a commitment to our customers and communities to do better. We're challenging ourselves to improve our current practices to make a positive impact on the environment, with our local partners, and in the lives of the people of our communities. In 2019, we will be working towards exclusively using compostable takeout materials. We will serve coffee that is locally roasted and sourced with intention. Our coffee will have a positive impact on the farmers and the environment. We will begin composting in our kitchens and making our coffee grounds available for community composting. We will begin to source our dairy products from local New Hampshire farms. Finally, we will join the movement to end childhood hunger and food insecurity in New Hampshire. We will donate a percentage of sales of items on our seasonal specials menus to End 68 Hours of Hunger. Follow our journey on our website, Facebook, and Instagram to see exactly what a #BetterUs looks like in 2019.

Copy of Better Us Coffee Table Displays