Tribe Managers



Erika Kainu

Front-of-House Manager
When a challenge presents itself, Erika is the kind of person you want by your side. She operates at 100mph and her level of productivity inspires our team. Erika will see any task through its completion, and have a lot of fun in the process.


Matt Roy

Back-of-House Manager
You may recognize Matt from his time as Tucker’s first commissary baker, during which he created the recipe for our beloved biscuits & gravy! Whether he’s perfecting a new recipe or serving up our current dishes on the line, Matt takes extreme pride in his work and always strives to make things look and taste incredible.



Haley Mallette

Front-of-House Manager
Haley never misses a beat. Her "go, go go!" attitude and willingness to help her team however she can make her a natural leader. We're lucky to have had Haley on our team since day one, and we can't imagine Tucker's without her.


Adam Howell

Bearded Baker, Back-of-House Manager
Adam's positive energy and impressive culinary experience have made him a perfect fit for Tucker's. His dynamic personality, infectious smile, and the Bearded Baker cookies he bakes from scratch are all impossible not to love.



Kendall Blake

Front-of-House Manager
Kendall lives and breathes the Tucker's culture. She has earned an exclusive badge of honor having spent significant time working in every Tucker's location with each team. Kendall's incredible work ethic and ability to rise to any occasion make her the perfect fit for our management team.


TJ Grenier

Back-of-House Manager
Affectionately and appropriately known as our Kitchen Jedi Master, TJ fully embodies the phrase "lead by example." Overseeing all of our back-of-house operations is no easy task but TJ takes on any challenge with tenacity and a giant smile. He’s always looking for ways to make Tucker’s the best it can be.

New London


Lindsey Aliengena

Front-of-House Manager
If she doesn’t already know you by name already, she’ll make a point to before the end of your visit. Lindsey is a staple in our Tribe and community. She’s a true fearless leader and constantly cheers on our team with endless positivity.


Tyler Dopp

Back-of-House Manager
One of the most genuine people you will ever meet. You’ll never find him without a smile on his face, and it’ll probably brighten your day more than our coffee! Tyler has mastered the art of guiding our team as a leader and friend.

Support Managers


Gabe Carter

Creative Culinary Guru, Back-of-House Manager
Gabe’s innate ability to create keeps us inspired. He encourages us to try new things, like garden burgers and breakfast bowls, and has an incredible attention to detail. We would say more people should be like Gabe, but the fact that he is absolutely one-of-a-kind is part of what makes him so awesome.


Jericka Braunstein

Front-of-House Manager
In addition to her many years of industry experience, Jericka also brings her incredible heart to our team. She has a special ability to make our customers feel right at home, and always has a kind word to share with everyone she encounters. Jericka's positivity is unbreakable, which is something we all admire.


Joey Levesque

Back-of-House Manager
Joey is all smiles and inspires those around him with his positivity and awesome sense of humor. He is a total wizard on the grill and you'll rarely find him without two spatulas in his hands. Joey is a true representative of the Tucker's spirit.


Kelly Howard

Front-of-House Manager
Kelly’s natural ability to make everyone feel welcome makes her a dynamite team member and leader at Tucker’s. She has immersed herself in Tucker’s culture and quickly emerged as a natural leader after joining our team last year.


Matt Buckley

Back-of-House Manager
Matt is a seasoned veteran of the Tucker’s team. While he rolls with the punches of daily operations, he is always willing to do what it takes to ensure the success of Tucker's. Matt's sweet spot is in the trenches with his team every day.


Mollie LaBelle

Front-of-House Manager
Mollie is a powerhouse both inside and outside of work. In her spare time, she lifts heavy weights but while she’s at Tucker’s, she’s lifting up her team with encouragement. You’ll find her splitting her time between our Hooksett and Concord locations, bringing positivity and productivity wherever she goes.


Sarah Appleton

Front-of-House Manager
We'd be willing to bet Sarah could make anyone's day. She has brought sunshine to Tucker's ever since she joined our team. Sarah is always looking for new ways to encourage our team and uplifts everyone on a daily basis.