Tribe Leaders

Kevin Mallette


Vice President of Operations

Kevin is Tucker's jack-of-all-trades. He has helped bring the Tucker's vision to life since day one in Hooksett, and is one of the most important members of the Tribe! His corporate backbone has been crucial to the success and growth of our organization. Kevin always puts the success of the team first, and works tirelessly to improve our operations, systems, and processes. Kevin is also a gifted carpenter and handy man. You will often find him with a tool belt on, fixing or improving one of our stores.

TJ Grenier


Back-of-House General Manager

Affectionately and appropriately known as our Kitchen Jedi Master, TJ fully embodies the phrase "lead by example." Overseeing all of our back-of-house operations is no easy task but TJ takes on any challenge with tenacity and a giant smile. He’s always looking for ways to make Tucker’s the best it can be.

Meghann Clifford


Business Development Manager

Social media guru, brand master, resident photographer, creative genius, and our Tribe’s greatest ambassador-- these are just a few of the ways we would describe what Meghann does at Tucker’s on a daily basis. Whether she is working on strategy, communicating with customers, or designing new tools for our team, Meghann is always pushing Tucker’s forward with her creative backbone and amazing positivity.

Rob Auer


Commissary Manager

Rob is the guy who is not afraid to throw any challenge on his back, and carry it through to the finish line. He manages all aspects of our commissary system from ordering product, engaging with local vendors, and delivery of finished product. Rob is an incredibly versatile member of our team, excelling at anything that comes his way.

Jacqueline Matthews


Office Manager

Jacqueline is the quintessential wearer of many hats. At any given moment, she could be processing payroll, balancing checking accounts, talking with vendors, or doing whatever it takes to keep the administrative end of Tucker's pointed in the right direction. Jacqueline is an amazing Tribe member!